Identifying Optimal Value For Your Bids

How will you bid on your keywords? The answer can make or break your entire ad campaign. One false move can result in sky-high costs. Of course, if you play it too safe, your ad won’t show up in Amazon’s search at all. Advigator is here to find that bid optimization sweet spot to ensure maximum ROAS.

How Do We Do It?

Our software downloads your historical data daily to recalculate the optimal value for the bid per click for every single keyword and ad format. We constantly refresh the data so that in the long term, your product reaches the target ACoS chosen by you. 

  • Bids per click calculated every 24 hours with newly updated data
  • We tailor bids per click to help you reach your chosen target ACoS over the long term
  • Flexible to changes in the average sales price, seasonality, conversion rate, and ACoS target.
So, What’s the Formula?

We always believe in complete transparency, which is why we share the formula that makes our bid optimization magic happen. There is no hand-waving mumbo-jumbo with artificial intelligence and other useless buzz-words.

  • Bid = Average selling price ($) * Conversion Rate (%) * Target ACoS (%)
  • We calculate the conversion rate for each product, keyword, and advertising format (Sponsored Products, Display or Video, etc.)
  • Tiered bidding for keyword match types
  • We handle cases with small data or outliers

Faster Than a Spreadsheet

Say goodbye to Excel and hello to a world of completely automated bid optimization. Our software adapts to data in a way that the human brain cannot. If you want to outwit the Amazon ad algorithm, you need advanced technology to do it.

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