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Improve efficiency and scale volumes

Leverage data to scale volumes. Advigator adjusts for you the bid per click to optimal level to make you grow without reducing profitability.

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A goldmine of data

Advigator analyzes data from advertising reports, and it can map the source keywords of the sales. If you had active campaigns for some time, our algorithm discards terms that wasted budgets and adjusts bids of the best performing to the optimal level.

The right bids per click

Bids per click of each keyword are calculated automatically every day based on their performance.

Tools for experts

80% of the activities are automated, but despite this, you have room for customization. You can refine targeting through negative keywords, force visibility with fixed bid keywords, change the budget allocation between auto/manual campaign, change match types and choose granular strategies for short tail, mid-tail, and long-tail keywords.

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